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“Yoga means union, in all its significances and dimensions.” #IndraDevi

As a yogi one of the main things you learn is that yoga means to “unite” or to form a union. We’re taught that everything is connected and intertwined with everything else, and because of this knowledge, every yogi by definition should be an activist of sorts. ⠀

We are taught in the ethics of the Yamas that we should be non-harming, truthful, responsible, seek unity & show generosity. These ethics are what we are encouraged to strive for in regards to our relationships with others, and this is why I say, “Every yogi by definition should be an activist of sorts.” ⠀

We cannot honestly look at the world around us and say that everything is “okay.” We are all responsible for the state of the cultural environments we live in, and it is on all of us to work and make our communities better.⠀


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