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Who Is Christa Janine?


Certified Yoga Instructor & Life Coach

I’m an online digital fitness coach, and 500hr RYT | 200hr E-RYT certified yoga instructor, who has discovered a need to merge the two worlds and create a space for healing in others’ lives. 


Throughout my entire life, I have been physically active. As a child, I played sports year-round, and throughout college, I was a regular at the on-campus gym. The older I got, the more I used fitness as a form of therapy and release from my everyday struggles. I suffered from severe depression and self-harm throughout my adolescence, and was hospitalized twice for suicidal ideations. However in 2010, I was introduced to yoga and it literally changed my life. 

Though I grew up in the Baptist church, and believed in God, it was not until I began meditating, and connecting the dots between my body and spirit that I truly experienced a deeper relationship with God. This process allowed me the space and capacity to begin to heal from my past trauma and live the life I was destined to live. 


However, what I began to notice in my fitness clients is that many of them had mental blocks that prevented them from fully committing to themselves. I also started to see patterns in my friends and family that stemmed more from past trauma instead of their current life’s reality. 


The combination of all of these factors pushed me to develop “Trauma to Triumph.” I completely understand what it’s like to have the pain from your past dictate how you navigate your present. I understand achieving so much, but still feeling empty and alone. As I was able to navigate out of that dark place, I want to help others do the same. We don’t have to allow who we were or the things that happened to us to control our future any longer. The power to heal, evolve and live fully is within all of us, and I’m here to help you navigate your journey from trauma to triumph. 

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